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Our Partners

d.vinci partner cyquest
d.vinci partner comwahro
d.vinci partner cammio
d.vinci partner text_kernel
d.vinci partner perview
d.vinci partner Veda
d.vinci partner Veda
d.vinci partner Veda
d.vinci partner eligo
d.vinci partner g2s media
d.vinci partner Hamburger Softwre
d.vinci partner Gohiring
d.vinci partner jobcluster
d.vinci partner Pluspoint HR
d.vinci partner Firstbird


Of course this is only a small selection of our clients that we have been workin with cooperatively, fairly and transparently for a long time. We are happy to name more references or inititiate contact with one of our clients for a reference talk upon request. But we prefer talking to you personally about your individual recruiting challenges and develop a holistic and pragmatic solution that you can adjust and control depending on the situation. Because: Even if our clients profit from our deep knowledge of the respective characteristics in certain branches, every company has their individual challenges.

For whatever area – our experts look forward to the conversation with you!

Contact us

Your contact in the d.vinci team

Claudia Renner

Team Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 37 47 99-86

Claudia Schill-Huss

Team Stuttgart
+49 (0) 71 52 337-0

René Jacobsen

Team Rosengarten
+49 (0) 41 08 43 40-17

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