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d.vinci Onboarding enables anyone to set up a professional and simple onboarding process for new employees that allows everybody involved to work together. The tool supports you in your daily work by providing you with an overview of all new employees at any time, allowing you to recognise their status immediately and directly work out and assign their outstanding tasks. A new employee goes through a structured process, feels immediately welcome and can start to achieve small successes very quickly. In the long term, this ensures a high level of employee satisfaction. d.vinci onboarding can be seamlessly connected to your applicant management system and is available for immediate use at your company thanks to numerous presets.

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26% give notice

before the first working day

83% keep searching

when false promises are made

ø 109 days

a reoccupation lasts

Why choose onboarding with d.vinci?

Speed and cost savings

Establish an onboarding process that produces satisfied employees quickly and easily. In the long term, you can save on recruiting costs, because fewer positions will have to be filled less often.

Intuitive operation

You can use the system without undergoing any extensive training. Even colleagues who use the system only sporadically can find their way around immediately.

Efficiency and Flexibility

With personalised views, individual tasks and numerous setting options, the system adapts precisely to your own processes.

Transparency and Overview

The structured, clear design means you always have an overview of things – even if several departments are involved.

Professional Employer Appearance

Employees who are satisfied from the start are the best advocates for your company – this strengthens your employer image in the long run.

Data security and quality

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, as well as the storage of data in the high-security computer centre in Hamburg (Germany), ensure the highest quality standards and secure processes.

Functions you don´t want to miss anymore

d.vinci onboarding makes a great impression with its fantastic functions and intuitive, simple operation!

What is the status of the individual colleagues, and where are further actions necessary? How far have individual colleagues already progressed? Who needs some feedback? With d.vinci onboarding, you can see the status of your new colleagues at a glance as well as any tasks that still need to be completed. Thanks to our tried and tested presets, d.vinci onboarding is ready for immediate use in your company.

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We would be glad to answer your particular questions or demonstrate d.vinci onboarding to you in a web session.

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All tasks at a glance

Thanks to a color system, you can recognize which tasks still have time and which are due immediately. You can either process the tasks yourself or assign them to your responsible departments. As soon as there is a confirmation, the task is marked as completed in the system.

Individual task packages

In your personal task packages you can save tasks and divide them into different categories so that they can be used again and again. In addition, individual task packages can be defined for specific target groups – e.g. for trainees or executives.

Clear communication

No more chaos in the e-mail inbox – with individual correspondence templates you communicate with your applicants directly from the system and automatically record all steps in the history.

Individual processes

The d.vinci Onboarding accompanies you through the entire onboarding process – no matter when it ends or how many colleagues are involved.

Transfer of applications

As a user of d.vinci applicant tracking you have the possibility to transfer applicants together with all documents directly to d.vinci Onboarding.

All functions at a glance

All functions of the d.vinci onboarding are available for download.

Employee portal: All information at a glance

With the d.vinci Onboarding employee portal, employers can provide information for new employees even before the first day of work, in the pre-boarding phase. A well thought-out and maintained employee portal can even strengthen your employer branding in the long run: new employees talk about you before the first working day, show information they have received to friends and acquaintances and thus promote you as a modern employer.

d.vinci Onboarding sofort nutzen

Then contact us!

We would be glad to answer your particular questions or demonstrate d.vinci onboarding to you in a web session.

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Provision of information

Each new employee gets his own employee portal so that you can provide general and individual information. Thus the new coworker can inform itself already before the first working day about its employer, the customs and Unternehmenskultur and is early integrated.

Milestone: The first working day

For a smooth start in the new job, information on the first working day is important for the new employee. Time, place, contact person: All this information can be structured, collected and prominently made available in the portal.

Submit documents

The employee portal allows you to provide the new employee with documents that he or she can fill out before the first working day and upload again via the portal (via scan or photo upload). Thus much annoying paperwork on the first working day is void.

Adaptation to Corporate Identity

The new coworker is to be able to recognize its new employer in the portal. Your own Corporate Identity becomes visible by the adjustment of the colors and by depositing your Logo.

Simple administration

Decide for yourself at what time the new employee enters the portal and what information he or she should find there. To do this, simply send a link with access information to the new colleague from the system.

d.vinci Onboarding – Our service for you

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