• “We want to create a great experience for our applicants.”

  • REFERENZEN: toom Baumarkt GmbH

    “We want to create a great experience for our applicants.”

    To achieve this, it was important to process all documents for the more than 300 sites with several thousand applications in a structured, uniform manner that was transparent for all parties involved.

What should be improved at toom?

„Before the implementation of d.vinci in 2012, we only had a rudimentary solution without a proper structure with which we recruited for over 300 locations and the head office. Our desire at that time was to create a really great experience for our applicants and to handle the large volume of applications and hires in a structured way.“

Goals of Mr. Ludwigs and toom:

  • Digitally map the entire recruiting process up to contract creation
  • The system must be easy to use for everyone involved
  • The large number of applications should be processed in a structured, transparent way across the many locations
  • Create a better experience for applicants and recruit faster with automations, deadlines & reminders
  • The specified processes should be better adhered to through digitization

What positive changes has the d.vinci applicant tracking system made at toom?

„Today, we process a high 5-digit number of applications each year for the more than 300 sites in a structured, uniform manner that is transparent for all parties involved.“

  • Everyone involved adheres to the specified recruiting processes and there are no longer any secondary processes.
  • Digitizing the processes does not call them into question and applications are processed more easily, quickly and efficiently.

How does toom sum up the project?

„The d.vinci applicant tracking system is simple and comprehensible for me, the integrations run consistently well and many digital workflows are possible. We are not programmers or IT people and can still do everything ourselves. But if there is a problem or a question, Customer Service is always there for us. The best way to sum it up is this: Friday I describe the problem, Monday I get a quote, Tuesday we get started. Mr. Klett was even on site with us for the tricky system changeover from the old to the new d.vinci version and supported us in word and deed. In conclusion, I can only say that price-performance and support are a perfect match for me.“

And what was the best thing about working with d.vinci?

„I particularly appreciate the continuity in the collaboration. As a customer, we are not a project, but d.vinci and we ourselves are constantly developing together in a relationship based on partnership. One example: When we told d.vinci that the existing employee recommendation programs were far too extensive for our decentralized structure and our requirements, d.vinci built a small but fine recommendation solution for us that exactly met our needs. In short: Even after so many years of cooperation, I would do it again. There is nothing I would change!“

Foto: (c) toom

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