Checklists, whitepapers and other helpful downloads

Make your work easier! On this page you will find a collection of checklists, whitepapers and other tips for download.

For tips, important steps to take, and what to avoid for your first day on the job, check out our checklist.

Want to learn more about the candidate experience? Download our checklist here.

Read our white paper on the subject to find out what HR can do to ensure that the integration of a new team member is successful and what prerequisites should be created for this.

Onboarding checklist for a structured process

If you want to know which mistakes you should avoid in the onboarding process of your new employees, download the d.vinci whitepaper on the topic here.

To find out what else you should look out for when setting up a good onboarding process, read our whitepaper.

If you want to know why you absolutely need a good onboarding process, download the d.vinci whitepaper on the topic.

Want to learn more about offboarding? Download our checklist here.

To learn more about the topic and how you can implement peer recruiting, download our checklist on the topic.

Tipps was du für ein gutes Reboarding tun kannst, erhältst du in unserer Checkliste.