Our working worlds are constantly changing and with them the demands on HR. For over 20 years, we have been developing solutions for digitalisation in recruiting and for future-proof HR processes.

Our HR software enables HR professionals to become active designers of tomorrow’s applicant- and employee-centric organisation and thus successfully shape the change.

More time for HR

For advising employees, personal dialogue and advancing strategic issues.

More competitiveness

Reaching the best, high visibility of an attractive and attitude-strong employer brand and faster staffing.

More enthusiasm

Among applicants and all employees thanks to a top candidate experience, seamless onboarding and strong communication & collaboration in a networked team.

Applicant tracking

d.vinci helps employers of any size to manage their applicant administration company-wide clearly. From the personnel request to the commitment: Well thought-out software features accompany you and enable the overview in every recruiting phase.

Do you want your team to grow?

Make personnel requirements visible

With d.vinci, you record internal employee requirements in the HR department uniformly across all specialist departments. With just a few clicks, you create job advertisements and publish them on job platforms and on your website. Your professional image is ensured by enabling that all templates, forms and advertisements match your design. In this way, you present yourself as a modern employer that attracts much more attention.

Do you want to reach the best?

Inspire with smart candidate experience

The d.vinci applicant tracking system enables uncomplicated application possibilities among other things via the automatic filling out of forms. All information of an application appears in the digital applicant file. From here, you and your colleagues process all applications uniformly. Reminders ensure that you meet deadlines and complete to-dos. Applicants will thank you for the reliable and timely cooperation through enthusiasm and identification.

You have found an applicant?

Clarity through clear communication

Speed, especially in the case of a commitment, is a decisive factor in recruiting in order to retain the best applicants. Therefore, d.vinci attaches great importance to efficient internal and external communication with each other – directly from the software. Own mail addresses and correspondence templates as well as the connection to Microsoft Teams for digital job interviews additionally simplify the contact. This way, the best applicants quickly learn of your interest. And your colleagues can track all process steps via the history.

Applicant Tracking

Try it yourself!

You wish for more efficient processes in recruiting and the extra portion of “always-having-everything-at-a-glance”? Then try out the d.vinci applicant tracking system. Test all functions of the software in your environment and for your needs.

Onboarding Software

So that never again a route sheet can get lost, d.vinci relies on the digitalization of the onboarding process. With just a few clicks you can work together in an optimally coordinated way internally – and stay in close contact with new colleagues externally.

The contract is signed?

Coordinating the best starting conditions in the preboarding

There is a lot to do before a new team member can start in the new job. Documents need to be exchanged, tasks to be completed and information to be shared. Keeping track of everything is the big challenge. With the clear dashboards of the d.vinci onboarding, you coordinate task packages between colleagues from the specialist departments and the HR and ensure that everyone is aware of the status of things.

What happens in the meantime?

Create initial bond through the employee portal

Take advantage of a new employee’s curiosity to immerse them in their corporate world early on. The employee portal serves as an exchange and information channel: Share articles about internal customs and inform about the receipt of important documents – via mouse click and correspondence template directly from the software. The result is an interactive contact that generates significantly more bonding than occasional email correspondence.

Mastering the first days at work?

Convince during onboarding and create motivation

First days at work are always exciting and loaded with new information. Moreover, there is no second chance for the first impression. Via the d.vinci onboarding you internally plan and coordinate individual familiarization steps perfectly with each other and follow them up. Via the employee portal you provide a new team member with important news on an ongoing basis. You create a feel-good atmosphere and provide security – far beyond the first few days of work.


Just give it a try!

You want the 360° HR overview and the indescribable “never-lose-a-route-sheet-again” security? Get an individual impression of how d.vinci onboarding could work for you.

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One Software, many voices

Are we the most expensive?
No, just the most customer-friendly.

We want to give you planning security and flexibility. The prices for the use of the d.vinci applicant tracking depend on the number of employees of your company – for this we were even awarded with the best price-performance ratio!

Applicant Tracking

Our prices are based on the number of employees you have. Always. Personal customer service included.

from 257€/month


Our prices are based on the number of employees you have. Always. Personal customer service included.

from 315€/month


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