as a team

As a family business, we carry
a strong community in our DNS.
Reliable and trusting relation-
ships are important to us.
Lightness spurs us on and
naturalness sets us apart.
And so we think along –
and always ahead.

More focus for people,
through digital processes

We believe in the power of human interaction. That’s why we develop HR software that brings people in the recruiting process into an appreciative encounter with each other, so that long-term relationships can develop.

The d.vinci applicant tracking and onboarding supports teams in companies to grow together. Because only those who grow together can also grow beyond themselves together. And it is precisely for these moments that we have been working – for over 30 years.

d.vinci is a second generation family business. Our roots lie in holistic HR consulting, which has always put people at the center.

More than 20 years ago, we started developing excellent HR software in parallel. Today, we focus on the digitalization of HR processes and carry our decades of consulting expertise in our soul.

Everyone is different.
Together we are d.vinci.