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Sustainability at d.vinci: information on green topics

How green is d.vinci? What is d.vinci already doing for sustainability? I work for a sustainable company and would like to win d.vinci as a partner – who can I contact? All information about sustainability at d.vinci is summarized here in the “d.vinci goes green” portal.

Why do we do this?

We are sure that we as a company have a certain ecological responsibility and are not only subject to the pursuit of profit. Therefore, we should take this responsibility to a healthy extent and ask ourselves where we can make things more sustainable and also incorporate this into our corporate culture in a smart way.

We’re already doing that for sustainability:

  • Since May 2023: intelligent thermostats that save up to 30% energy
  • Beehives and bee-friendly planting on the roof terrace
  • Environmental partnership with the city of Hamburg
  • Certified bean coffee, organic & fairtrade
  • No plastic bottles in the office (tap water and soft drinks in glass bottles)
  • Tree planting for new employees and staff with Treedom. To the tree map
  • Promotion of local public transport through subsidy of HVV-Profiticket
  • Company cars are mostly electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Membership of JobRad: employees can lease a bicycle at a favorable price
  • Green data center (German)
  • Cooperation with Jobverde (German)
  • Environmentally friendly advertising materials: hoodies made of organic cotton and printed on eco-paper
  • d.vinci Impact Days: Colleagues can use two days off per year to engage in social or ecological activities without affecting their vacation time
  • We support sustainable, voluntary work with purpozed
  • We work remotely for the most part, so we don’t have to travel to the office every day.
  • We support local restaurants for catered meals and order vegetarian for the most part
  • When our office needs a makeover, we don’t immediately buy everything new, but try to use our furniture differently
  • The default setting on our printer is double-sided and black and white

We have also summarized all these things in a blog article on the topic: Sustainability at d.vinci (German)

We are currently working on this:

  • Questions like, “Do we have to pay carbon offsets if we do travel by plane to a business meeting?”
  • Driving d.vinci Impact Days: #HRshapesFutureShapesHR
  • Communicate d.vinci’s ecological stance to the outside world (e.g. through workshops)
  • Switch to green electricity in the office / green electricity is already used in the data center
  • Become climate neutral or reduce CO2 footprint
  • Drive forward waste separation

Green d.vinci impressions

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