Wath did NOVUM want to improve?

„We are always on the lookout for qualified specialist and management personnel for our sites. This requires fast and efficient processes. In order to reach potential candidates online in an uncomplicated way, we decided to cooperate with d.vinci.“

NOVUM’s goals for the introduction of d.vinci:

  • The simple and professional management of applicants
  • Integration of job postings into the careers page, so that interested parties can search by job location, area of responsibility or entry level.

What positive changes has the d.vinci applicant tracking system made at NOVUM?

„Thanks to the d.vinci applicant tracking system, we make it as easy as possible for potential employees to apply to work for us.”

  • Easy application via LinkedIn profile or via Dropbox.
  • Simplification of the selection process via ABC ratings and integrated search functions, e. g. for specific skillsets.

What is NOVUM’s conclusion with regard to the project?

„The applicant tracking system is preconfigured and thus intuitive and immediately usable. In addition, workflows could be customized individually. And last but not least, the highest data security through ISO 27001 certification and the data center in Hamburg, as well as regular system updates more than convinced us.“

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