What should be better at hauck?

„Like many companies, we recruited as best we could for years using Outlook and Excel. For the growth we were aiming for, we quickly realized we couldn’t continue to recruit in this future-proof way.”

Goals of Mr. Färber and hauck:

  • Automation of the communication with the applicant, especially for confirmations of receipt
  • Easy personalization of all correspondence
  • More transparency for data protection
  • More time for recruiting instead of “paperwork“

What positive changes has d.vinci applicant management made at hauck?

„Today, we receive 10 times the amount of applications and, thanks to the d.vinci applicant tracking system, we can process them without additional personnel in such a way that the applicant also has a good application experience.”

  • With the system, we can recruit along our process in a timely and sustainable manner.
  • Thanks to the correspondence templates and automations, such as the confirmation of receipt, we can process even more applications with the same manpower without significant additional effort.

What is hauck’s conclusion with regard to the project and what was the best thing about working with d.vinci?

„In order to be able to continue recruiting properly with an increasing number of applicants, we needed a fast solution; the applicant tracking system of our choice therefore had to be available and implemented quickly. d.vinci made this possible for us – within 5 days the system was live and we could get started right away!“

Foto: (c) Hauck

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