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    “A particularly good impression is important to us right from the start”

  • REFERENZEN: d-fine GmbH

    “A particularly good impression is important to us right from the start”

    Thanks to the constructive cooperation with d.vinci, we offer applicants, new hires and also our employees and managers an appealing, reliable and individual platform for all processes related to joining d-fine.

What did you, d-fine GmbH, want to achieve with d.vinci Onboarding?

We are sure that the first impression remains in the memory. That is why a particularly good impression is important to us right from the start.

We already have a very mature onboarding process to prepare new hires for their new jobs in the best possible way. All departments are involved in this process.

In the past, we have repeatedly noticed that new colleagues received an immense flood of information on a wide variety of channels, especially in the first few weeks. It was difficult to keep track of everything.

With d.vinci Onboarding we now start the onboarding process and the provision of information already with the signing of the contract. From then until onboarding, we provide informative and individual articles at regular intervals to prepare new hires specifically for their new daily routine at d-fine.

Also, some tasks that were due for the new colleagues in the first few weeks are now already being completed before they join, thus also streamlining the to-do list for the first few working days.

We have replaced the info mails with portal articles, so-called knowledge nuggets, which provide relevant information on current topics at regular intervals during the first 6 months of their operation.

Important points of onboarding & the overall candidate experience at d-fine

  • Short & simple application form
  • Fast & constant communication through good processes
  • Positive interview experience due to exchange at eye level
  • Speed of decision and contract creation
  • Smooth transition from application process to onboarding process
  • Transparent onboarding before, during and after the first working day

You survey your new hires about onboarding. What was the feedback like?

Our new hires provided very targeted and constructive feedback, which was consistently very positive. The content as well as the functionalities and the look of the onboarding system were very well received. Clearly, the visualization of information allows it to be conveyed in a much clearer and more structured manner. Newcomers can find all the information they need in one place.

Overall, onboarding at d-fine was rated as very positive. The survey confirmed that we already have a very good onboarding process.

Where do difficulties still lie?

One difficulty is certainly attracting users to the system on a regular basis to read new articles and complete tasks.

We are currently still missing individual notifications about open tasks or new articles. We are also still missing a categorization of the existing portal items for a quick overview. As a workaround, we plan to work with different colored graphics.

It is great that we can discuss system-side requirements that cannot be implemented at the current time with contacts from d.vinci product management and thus find workarounds and solutions together.

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