What did BOMAG want to improve?

„For our Onboarding, we did not have a comprehensive process, but many small ones that did not work well together. Supervisors were often not sufficiently informed. As a result, new employees didn’t have all the information they needed to get started in the best possible way.“

BOMAG’s goals for the introduction of d.vinci:

  • A structured and transparent process
  • Task clarity for all participants
  • Overview of open and completed tasks

What positive changes has d.vinci onboarding made at BOMAG?

  • Better overview for all involved, especially the managers
  • Better awareness of the onboarding process steps
  • Noticeably higher quality in the onboarding process
  • More satisfied new employees

„We especially liked the possibility of flexible workflow design at d.vinci, for example the individual adaptation of task packages.“

What is BOMAG’s conclusion with regard to the project?

„The whole project was very simple and straightforward for us. We always had a contact person we could turn to if we had any questions. We can definitely say that our goals were achieved: We felt we got a 200% improvement from the onboarding. The bottom line is that the application is exactly what we were looking for and we would not want to do without d.vinci onboarding again.“

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