What did Adelholzener want to improve?

„In onboarding, we worked with checklists, but these often disappeared in our company. So in the end, everyone involved never knew exactly which tasks had already been completed and which had not. This also meant that deadlines could not be met. Overall, we simply didn’t have a clear structure.”

Lena Streb’s and Adelholzener’s goals:

  • A structured, clear onboarding process with clear responsibilities for everyone involved and an end to “paperwork”.
  • The best possible onboarding for new employees to quickly give them security and confidence in their new job.
  • No loss of “new hires” due to terminations during the probationary period, but early commitment to the company.

What positive changes has d.vinci onboarding made at Adelholzener?

„Our main focus with d.vinci Onboarding is transparency: We want everyone involved to be able to see at any time how far onboarding has been prepared and what still needs to be done.”

  • The onboarding process was completely rethought and rebuilt.
  • Individual task lists were created for each department and position and provided with deadlines and responsibilities. The status of the tasks can be viewed at any time by everyone involved via the clear color-coded system.
  • New employees are constantly communicated with via the automated correspondence system, among other things. Long-term employee loyalty is created even before the first day of work. Communication takes place via e-mail directly from the system.

What is Adelholzener’s conclusion with regard to the project?

„Thanks to d.vinci onboarding, tasks can no longer slip through the cracks and are processed on time by everyone involved. It’s great that the process is now transparent and comprehensible for everyone involved. Some of our managers only work with the system very rarely, but there are still almost no questions because the software is really self-explanatory. In addition, the d.vinci onboarding helped us to completely rethink our onboarding process and we were able to rework and improve many things.“

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