Digital from the specialist to the HR department

Manage hiring requests digitally

Gone are the days of handwritten notes with incomplete information! In d.vinci applicant management, departments can digitally transfer the personnel requirements for their new employee to the HR department.

Your advantage: You map your complete personnel request process
digitally in the d.vinci applicant management system and thus ensure
that the entire process, from the request of the specialist department
to the advertisement, is carried out transparently and comprehensibly
by the personnel department with all approval stages in the system.

New personnel for the line management

In your d.vinci applicant management, you have the possibility to create your department users at any time (if not already existing). If your colleague from the department logs in, he can create a new personnel request directly in the system. In doing so, the HR department defines in advance which information (tasks, requirements, contract duration, justification) must be passed on for a job posting. These can vary also depending upon the type of the position. The specialist department fills these out and starts the stored approval workflow with the sending of the form.

The approval process

Depending on your practice, the personnel request is either assigned directly to the responsible HR manager or runs through the approval process you have defined in advance in the applicant tracking system. The system informs the responsible person by mail as soon as an action is required. As you are already used to from d.vinci, you can define and map your process individually with all necessary approvers in the system. As soon as the approval is completed, the personnel request is transferred to the HR department as a final step.

From the requisition to the job posting

As soon as the personnel request has been received by the HR department, the HR employee responsible can immediately transfer this information digitally into a new job posting or link it to an existing posting. All fields in which the specialist department has already entered information are already pre-filled – the responsible HR employee only has to add to these or make minor changes if necessary. As usual, you can then publish the job advertisement via your d.vinci applicant tracking system.

PDF-Download: Personalanforderungen managen