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Stellenanzeigen per Klick an StepStone übertragen & Quick Apply nutzen.

Stepstone: Jobs sind unser Job is one of the leading online job platforms in Germany. Around 3,500 people from around 20 countries work at StepStone worldwide, united by the common goal of ensuring that everyone finds the right job and every employer finds the right employee.

In the d.vinci applicant tracking system, you can transfer job advertisements to StepStone with a single click. We recommend that you use our Media Team for the advertisement. The team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your advertisement, check images and texts in your advertisement and take care of the entire advertisement process – at no extra cost to you!

Of course, an advertisement is also possible without consulting via the d.vinci Multiposting Module or with your own framework contracts via interface to StepStone. Simply use the preconfigured interface in your d.vinci applicant tracking system.

The interface to StepStone is available to you free of charge in the d.vinci applicant tracking system. If you want to use this, please also inform yourself at StepStone about possible connection costs. In addition, the corresponding advertisement costs for the advertisement at StepStone are incurred.

StepStone Quick Apply
The use of StepStone’s Quick Apply is also possible with your d.vinci application management system. If Quick Apply from StepStone is activated, an applicant’s application form is displayed by StepStone and the application is then imported into your d.vinci system. In this process, all other questions from the applicant form in your d.vinci (including screening questions) are also transferred to StepStone. When applying via StepStone, the applicant can view the privacy policy, fill in the screening questions from the application form in your d.vinci and thus send the application to your d.vinci applicant tracking system. In this way, the quick application via StepStone becomes even easier.