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Value-based online assessment:
Success through matching people

Gain more suitable candidates faster, more sustainable job placements, value-based leadership, multidimensional feedbacks, more successful teams and more freedom for your cross-disciplinary HR work through digitization with ValueProfilePlus.

The automated connection (ValueAPI) of d.vinci and ValueProfilePlus minimizes your effort and offers you the best of two worlds in one interface.

The goal of all those involved should be to build an organization in which people and roles fit together so well that all tasks, by each individual and complementary teams, are managed successfully, satisfactorily and healthily in the long term. This maxim should run through the entire HR lifecycle, from requisition to employer branding.

As HR experts, we combine digital solutions with professional services to relieve you in your daily work so that you can achieve more while being better secured. If you don’t have time to read the wealth of information on this complex topic, simply use one of our contact options

People in 1st place!

  • BestFit ‘Man and Role’
  • TeamFit ‘People and People’
  • CulturalFit ‘People and company’
  • Identify people accurately and quickly
  • Non-discriminatory, fair, appreciative
  • Sustainable digitalization
  • Economically scalable
  • Online, values based
  • Top marks in quality criteria

Our solution for the entire HR lifecycle
Personnel and aptitude diagnostics with ValueProfilePlus

  • Applicants to Team
  • Recruiting to Employer Branding
  • Companies and service providers
  • Scientific and economic
  • Competencies and preferences
  • Motivations and potentials
  • Practice-oriented modules, interfaces and add-ons
  • Automated after only 15 minutes of implementation
  • Multiple awards

More about ValueProfilePlus

With the help of the tamper-proof online assessment ValueProfilePlus, we offer you the right leverage to make your HR work more successful in the long term through digitization. Get off to a scientifically sound and economically efficient start. Sustainability, digitalization as well as AI and humanity are combined in a practical and solution-oriented way. Find out on the next pages where your personal benefit lies and / or simply contact us at

What we offer you
We offer you solutions for the human factor in your company.

As a system provider, you receive our unique personnel and aptitude diagnostics (ValueProfilePlus) from our own development. With this, you can optimize your personnel work from recruiting to employer branding in a scientifically sound and economically efficient manner. The ValueProfilePlus online assessment system is rounded off by practical value-added services. As a reliable partner, your success is our top priority. We document this through top marks in the quality criteria for ValueProfilePlus, certifications for quality and IT security management, as well as many renowned awards and confirmed high customer satisfaction. We are available to interested parties from all industries and regions. The company size of our customers ranges from the one-(wo)man show to the global corporation with over 140,000 employees.

The online assessment tool
ValueProfilePlus as personnel and aptitude diagnostics is our leading value-based personnel and aptitude diagnostics with 2D result presentation. The modular structure and the low-cost ValueFlat include a wide range of elements. Building blocks for credible employer branding or team optimization offer a unique solution portfolio for the entire HR lifecycle.

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