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With Google for Jobs, Google offers a job search within Google Search. Depending on the job title an applicant has searched for, current, suitable job advertisements from various companies are displayed directly in the Google search results. Google finds job advertisements matching the search term with the help of an algorithm that searches the Internet (job boards, career sites, etc.) for job advertisements and then delivers them directly before the normal search results. 

In order for job advertisements to be found by Google and to be displayed in the search results, Google requires some criteria with which the display of the advertisement in Google for Jobs becomes more likely. In the d.vinci applicant management, your job publications are already automatically prepared in such a way that they can be found by Google and displayed in the Google job list.

With the activation of “Liquid Design” your job advertisements are ready for the best possible indexing and display on Google for Jobs. d.vinci transmits your job advertisements and changes you make to Google every four hours.

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