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We help you to identify the right candidates!

Only 20% of companies have so far taken advantage of the opportunities offered by pre-assessments. Yet diagnostic data can be used to make much more valid hiring decisions than resumes or references.

Aivy helps you exactly here with modern and scientifically based aptitude diagnostics packaged in appealing mini-games (so-called “game-based assessments”). The use of our methods is possible with just a few clicks in Softgarden and is significantly less expensive than classic online assessments.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • 90% higher user acceptance and 80% time savings compared to conventional online assessments.
  • More valid diagnostic data by avoiding socially desirable response behaviors.
  • Reduce effort and costs in personnel selection as well as the risk of discrimination and mis-hiring.

We are your partner for the personnel selection of the future

Scientifically based:
State-funded spin-off of Freie Universität Berlin.

Innovative approach:
Multiple awards, most recently the HR Award 2020 as well as “Digital Innovations” from the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

In good company:
DAX-listed companies such as Fresenius and Beiersdorf already rely on Aivy’s game-based assessments.


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