Employee Recommendation
Firstbird is a provider of digital employee referral programs.

Employee referral with Firstbird

Firstbird is the world’s leading employee referral platform for businesses, helping you find better talent faster. Founded in 2013, Firstbird has nearly a decade of experience in employee referral programs and is trusted by top companies around the world, including Deloitte, McDonald’s, Volkswagen and many others. Firstbird offers a proven holistic solution to the “war for talent” that many companies are experiencing, providing expert advice and cutting-edge technology in all areas that impact the long-term success of a referral program.

Firstbird’s referral program offers significant benefits, such as attracting high-quality candidates, higher retention rates, lower recruiting costs and even improved productivity compared to other recruiting methods. Referral programs have long been known as the best recruitment channel, dating back to the 4th century BC when the Roman army needed to quickly increase its number of strong soldiers. Firstbird has always aimed to bring the “human” back into HR and is now helping its clients win a different kind of war – the war for talent. Learn more at

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