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The interview scheduling experts 

The interview scheduling experts 

Cronofy is the scheduling expert, with years of specialist experience in powering interview scheduling automation.

Their recent survey of 6,500 job applicants found that 43% of candidates had left an interview process specifically due to interview scheduling delays. This rose to 62% of senior candidates. In a competitive hiring market, you can’t risk losing talent. 

Customers wishing to automate their interview scheduling can use the Cronofy integration to sync their calendars and easily set up interviews based on their real-time availability. The candidates get a great experience and the hiring managers and recruiters save hundreds of hours a year in unnecessary admin time when they set up automated interviews.

d.vinci has partnered with Cronofy to embed interview scheduling features in our platform. Helping Talent Acquisition teams to solve interview scheduling challenges, while providing a first-class candidate experience.

Using Cronofy can speed up time-to-hire by 59%, reduce hiring frictions and email back-and-forth, saving up to 284 hours a year per recruiter. Download the full report here.

Cronofy takes the security and compliance of our customers that choose to use Cronofy services very seriously, adhering to the highest level of information security standards. They employ best practices to ensure that privacy is never compromised. In addition to GDPR, they’re SOC2 certified and comply with ISO27001, ISO27018 standards. You can find out more about their approach to security in this white paper or speak to their team for more information.