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With PitchYou you open the application channel WhatsApp for your recruiting!

Recruiting via Whatsapp

Mobile recruiting with PitchYou

PitchYou is based on the insight that the best place to find good candidates is where they are anyway – on WhatsApp. The messenger is one of the most popular and most used communication channels worldwide; in Germany alone, it is used by around 60 million people every day and is installed on around 90 percent of all smartphones. Of course, this also makes WhatsApp an interesting recruiting tool.

Application via WhatsApp with PitchYou

Through your career site, job portals, social media advertisements and postings, point-of-contact notices, and many other channels, candidates will become aware of your current job openings. Once you have the attention for your jobs, you can open the application channel WhatsApp to your candidate with PitchYou. Via a button/link in the job posting or alternatively by scanning a QR code, the applicants jump off to the WhatsApp application. There, they automatically go through a previously defined screening questionnaire. With the help of gamification elements, 87% of all applicants finish an application interview they have started via WhatsApp. No matter when candidates feel like applying to you, they always receive direct feedback.
However, your employees themselves do not have to use WhatsApp for this!

Integration in d.vinci

Companies that use PitchYou do not work directly with WhatsApp, but move exclusively in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
At d.vinci, PitchYou is also integrated into the software solution. This gives users the opportunity to open the WhatsApp channel to their applicants without having to operate and get to know another system. Thus, the answers of the applicants flow into d.vinci and recruiters can view and manage the applications received via WhatsApp in d.vinci.

Familiar handling for applicants and recruiters

Ideally, an application process should be simple and effective. This is possible with PitchYou, because here an easy-to-use recruiting solution meets the simplest application channel. The integration into a familiar ATS ensures familiar handling for recruiters. For applicants, this is made possible by the WhatsApp channel.
In addition to ease of use, there is another reason to switch to WhatsApp applications: Applying via PitchYou lowers the hurdles for the applicant, who no longer has to rely on formulating a detailed cover letter, creating a resume, filling out forms and sending emails.
Going through the screening questions in the form of an automated interview is much more fun than creating resumes and cover letters and takes less time. For a personal impression, the integration of selfies or a video is easily possible.

Efficient communication

WhatsApp messages are read within max. 15 minutes and answered quickly. The integrated recommendation marketing brings up to 20% more applicants. If an interview is interrupted, the applicants are sent a friendly reminder at a later time via a retargeting function. This motivates candidates to complete the interview. Questions that have already been answered and the chat history via WhatsApp remain. This has the advantage that candidates are not directly lost in the event of an interruption and the interview can be continued at a later time.

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