Connect test providers

Automate online assessments

In order to find the best candidates quickly and clearly in the case of a high volume of applicants, it can make sense for certain target groups (e. g. trainees) to check the applicant’s knowledge in the form of an online assessment directly after receiving the application. Many companies already support the applicant selection with upstream tests in order to get a first impression of the competencies and skills of potential employees. With the d.vinci applicant tracking system, you are already optimally positioned for the introduction of online assessments, even if you do not have any experience with test procedures yet.

Extend the application process with our interface

With our field-tested interface, you can quickly and easily extend your application process. Directly after the receipt of the application in your d.vinci applicant management, an invitation including the link to the test is automatically sent to the applicant. As usual, you can store a suitable correspondence template directly in the system. The applicant then performs the test at the provider of your choice; after completion, the test results are automatically assigned to the corresponding applicant file and can be clearly viewed and compared by you.

Your advantage: You get an even better insight into the skills of the applicant and due to the complete automation of the process, you have no effort in the application procedure! The standard interface from the d.vinci applicant tracking system is available free of charge and is provided to you in a basic configuration. You simply contact your desired test provider, agree with them the costs for their part for the connection to the d.vinci applicant management and carry out the setup independently in coordination with the provider.

Get started quickly & easily

These common test providers can already use our standard interface without any problems.

  • cut‑e develops and implements web-based tests and questionnaires for personnel selection and development and supports companies in identifying people with the required skills and cultural fit.
  • With eligo, the modular structure makes it possible to flexibly compile individual profiles and thus realize requirement-related diagnostics.
  • CYQUEST is specialized in scientifically based developed and validated aptitude diagnostic online test procedures (eAssessments) for personnel and student selection.
  • The u-form:e tests were developed to support trainers as well as training and HR managers in the selection of suitable trainees and dual students. The tests are used by companies in all industries and of all sizes.
  • ALPHA-TEST develops reliable online assessments for personnel selection and development in companies, combining scientific test procedures with state-of-the-art technology.
  • ValueProfilePlus helps you to “recognize” your applicants, employees, teams and yourself better. In the symbiosis of theory (science) and practice (experience), ValueProfilePlus was developed to help you manage your interdisciplinary HR work easier, faster and more securely.
Connection of your test providers by d.vinci

If you wish, we can also take care of the complete connection and configuration for you.

  • Creation of an account with the selected test provider
  • Provision of your system (exchange of configuration information)
  • Configuration of application status, automatisms and workflow
  • Creation of a correspondence template for the invitation
  • Testing of integration/workflow after test integration (with specialist departments)
  • Handover and training of the configuration in a web session

Depending on the effort and number of providers, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

PDF-Download: Testanbieter (German)