Employer Branding

What does your corporation stand for? What do your employees value? What makes you unique?

Actually pretty simple questions – but not always easy to answer. We help you detect exactly these peculiarities and form a strong employer brand.

Thought-through and for your company tailored, Employer Branding gives you a face and a voice as an employer. A convincing, uniform outside performance with messages for every target group and fitting picture and design worlds are just as important as the respective intern communication. Taking into consideration the different points of view of your managers, employees and candidates, we find the strategy that represents your company culture and suits you in the long run.

A clear goal is crucial for the success of your communication – develop it together with us! On the basis of a differentiated target group, corporation and market analyses as well as a professional benchmark we develop a tailored marketing concept that serves as a constant guideline for your HR marketing activities. Of course we won’t leave you alone with the new insight. Based on the guide lines we prepare external communication strategies with you, create your own branding and define operating figures for the success control.

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