One Applicant Tracking System – many Functions

d.vinci fulfills all the requirements for an optimal Applicant Tracking System

Create Job Publications

With d.vinci you generate your job publications fast and easy!

Quickly pick your desired target group, the field and locations – this way applicants find and recognize fitting positions immediately!

Design the content of your job advertisement to fit your target group. Choose from pre-built text modules, combine them with your individual texts and create your own templates for different target groups and portals this way – multilingual!

Depending on the requirement profile of your publications the applicant questionnaire needs to be individually configurable by you. Only ask your applicant the questions that are really relevant for a position to receive a comprehensive impression of your candidates und minimize the effort for your applicants.

Through the automatic comparison between the content of the job publication and the application documents it is also possible to find a convenient candidate in an already existing application in your system before releasing the advertisement.

Ideal Candidate Experience

Funktionen Bewerbermanagementsystem - Candidate Experience

Invite applicants to the application – with an easy and flexible application process!

Thanks to the uncomplicated integration of your job publication into your existing career page via JavaScript widget potential candidates have an eye on all your current publications and can filter according to location, task field or entry level to find the fitting vacancy. Your talents then apply with a mouse click via their XING or LinkedIn profile or simply upload their CV that is sorted out in the d.vinci applicant tracking system via CV-Parsing. The application time is reduced to a minimum like this. Present yourself as a modern employer, too, and enable your applicants to introduce themselves in a short video.

Four factors for an ideal application process

  • Short, simple and mobile application form
  • Quick approach through existing profiles, i.e. XING, LinkedIn
  • Uploading documents via Smartphone (i.e. via Dropbox)
  • Clear, easy user guidance and comprehensible texts

Multi Posting / Publication Channels

Choose the convenient publication for your job opening with a single click!

Within few seconds the publication is published on your career site. Your intranet is just a click away, too, as well as numerous job portals.

Create a time table for your publications – the rest works automatically without you having to think about it again.

Applicant Overview

With the intuitive applicant overview you have an eye on the complete recruiting process at all times. This way you always have a feeling for the progress of your vacancies and can also give information to your applicants and departments within seconds. Search applicant files and data attachments with the comfortable search function with auto completion to quickly find fitting applications for your keyword.

No more overlooking applicants: Your to do list, daily mail notifications and automatic re-submissions remind you and your departments of overdue steps and candidates – individually adapted to your time parameter.

Best Practice Workflow

The d.vinci applicant tracking system is pre-configured with our Best Practice Workflow and ideal process settings so that you can immediately start recruiting.

Many years of experience of our more than 20 customers have been incorporated into this ideal application process that is not only efficient and cost optimized but mainly leaves a good impression in your candidates – because positive experiences in the application process are an important aspect of your appearance as a modern employer!

Your corporation is different? We hear that a lot which is why we designated the workflow to be individually adjustable, addable or completely new definable – with any statuses, denominations, reminders and symbols. Automatic status transitions, i.e. after reaching a deadline or after executing an online test, relieve your overview over your applications and publications as well.

Should you still receive applications via mail or written in the beginning, you can redirect the mail or the scan to the respective application folder and they are comfortably registered by the system.

Clearly Arranged Applicant History

The d.vinci applicant tracking documents the complete process for every applicant – you can recognize all activities, responsibilities and information that were sent to the candidate at a glance.

Send comments and remarks concerning an application easy and fast to your colleagues – and in case of questions from your candidates you have the right answer at hand, too, thanks to the history.

Clearly Arranged Applicant History

Application Basket

Save time and edit multiple applications at once!

You can add applications to the digital application basket out of every view. You then execute the next step in the process for all the candidates in the basket.

You do not only change your candidates’ statuses like that but also automatically send them personalized mails! Of course every step is noted in the history of each candidate.

Prescreening Fast and Easy

A simple and comprehensible ABC rating enables you and your departments to quickly categorize applications and make a preselection. A multiplicity of labels is available to you in the d.vinci applicant tracking system to flag special applicants and find them immediately at all times. The comfortable video function gives your applicants the opportunity to present themselves briefly in a video so that you can get an even better impression of them.

On the basis of your targeted questions in the applicant questionnaire you can directly compare your applicants abilities and pick your favorites. What if none of the applicants fits? With the automatic comparison of job opening content and application files you might find the perfect candidate in an already existing application in your system.

Invite your Departments

A digital recruiting can only be successfully established in a corporation when all the decision makers are on board! But your departments might have different requirements than you do and d.vinci is prepared for that – with functions that your deciders will love:

  • Intuitive handling, no training needed
  • Automatic information about existing convenient applicants
  • Mobile access to have a quick look at current applicants on the go
  • Tasks and reminders – nobody can overlook anything
  • Feedback function: share opinions on applicants with colleagues directly in the system
  • Redirect applications across department to recommend convenient applicants for other positions to your colleagues
  • Full transparency – checking back with recruiters is now in the past
  • Distinct, accurate process without much complexity

Organize Interviews

Organize Interviews

Comfortably invite applicants to a job interview from the d.vinci applicant tracking. Define time, location and participants in the system and send detailed invitations to your candidates.

Participants in your corporation receive an invitation as well. The next planned interviews are displayed directly in the system.

Organize Events

Organize Events

Reduce the administrative effort and generate more transparency thanks to the integrated organization of your events.

With just a few clicks you record applicant days, assessment centers and other events. Afterwards you are able to create e-mail and letter templates at your convenience with the help of placeholders.

All related booking processes are completely documented not only enabling the competent people to keep track of the current events and its utilization but also to be well up in the applicant’s booking history.

You want to analyze or further process your events according to your individual needs? No problem thanks to the simple Excel export functionality.

Keeping Applicants Informed

Stay in touch with your candidates – so that they are bound to you during the whole process!

The d.vinci applicant tracking enables you to create arbitrary mail and letter templates with individual place holders so that you are shown the right template for every applicant status to choose from.

This way only convenient rejection letters are displayed to you – you choose the template you want with a click and edit it individually if you wish to.

This way you keep your candidates informed and create a good feeling and a positive impression!



The base of every process improvement is a meaningful reporting. Your d.vinci applicant tracking is the central place for your reporting evaluations – whether it is reporting channels, timeframes until hiring or cycle of feedback times.

Recognize which recruiting measures are successful and optimize your future HR activities with the information.

Statistic data about the kind of applicant is collected just as quantitaive information – this way you can coordinate your next activities.

Graphic reportings and export possibilities to Excel allow you an individual subsequent processing the way it is wanted in your corporation!

Excel Evaluation

Funktionen Bewerbermanagementsystem - Excel-Auswertung und Reporting

You need an individual reporting in your CI?

Use the option to export information into an Excel file in order to generate individual reportings fast.

This way you can add further data to the information or use your own layout to them for presentation purposes.

Tracking & Analytics

Funktionen Bewerbermanagementsystem - Analytics und Tracking des Bewerbungsprozesses

Every bigger website uses a tracking tool in line with their marketing to comprehend where visitors came from and what they are interested in.

It is only logical to use this option for HR marketing, too, to analyze your candidates paths and optimize your process. With the d.vinci applicant tracking you incorporate tracking tools to understand the visits on your job publications.

Common Analytics Tools can answer some strategically important questions:

  • Do you already know the visitors of your job publications?
  • How many people ball out on your publication?
  • How many visitors do marketing means have to generate in order to get one application?
  • Do you lose candidates when filling in the application form?
  • Did your last HR marketing campaign pay off?

Job Market on your Company Website

Your career site is the center of all HR marketing activities. You should definitely offer your candidates that opportunity and present yourself authentic and invitational.

Part of that is to present all current job openings and to invite talents to a quick approach by using an online application template. With the d.vinci applicant tracking system you can incorporate your vacancies including an extensive filter function into your existing career page via JavaScript widget, design it appealingly and match it to your CI. You also define the application template that fits you and your target group with few clicks. With a minimal template you motivate specialists that are hard to find to apply or you spice up your questionnaire with the video tool in the search for young trainees!

Even in complex corporate structures layout is no discussion point anymore: varying brands and Corporate Designs are displayed fast in a system so that a uniform image for each association can be maintained!

Did you know? We support you with the concept and creation of your career website – our Team Personalmarketing provides you with information from A to Z!

Roles and Permissions

Funktionen Bewerbermanagementsystem - Berechtigungen

To allow an efficient recruiting and an optimal process it is important that decision makers as well as recruiters are involved and feel comfortable in the d.vinci applicant tracking system!

Every user only sees the information that he needs to fulfill his tasks. This way you not only achieve a simple, clearly structured presentation but also a process that is conforming to data protection!

With a flexible role and permission concept you can define competences, tasks and view zones in the d.vinci applicant tracking system – all without programming, and it is customizable so that you can pick a substitute if someone is absent. This way your correspondence in the corporation and with the applicants will take place in the d.vinci applicant tracking system and will be documented completely and lasting for every involved colleague in the future.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Every corporation is different. And each has an individual structure with teams, departments, locations and maybe even countries.

With the d.vinci applicant tracking you can represent your corporate structure completely to make the units work separately and independent or in collaboration – however you want it. Of course you as the accountable person keep an overview and a reporting of all the processes.

Customize Workflow

 Customize Workflow

Should our Best Practice Workflow not meet your needs, you can revise or expand it at will.

Individually define which stages an application can transition through and when which activity, reminder, correspondence is necessary. You can incorporate online test providers for certain target groups (i.e. trainees) into the application process. The test results of your applicants are automatically assigned to the right applicant file and reach a status that was set by you based on his results. This way you see if you a candidate is being considered for the future application process.

To meet the requirements of data protections you can regulate the deletion of candidates that were not hired yourself – this way data is not saved longer than necessary. We recommend reconciling with your data security agent.

Function Overview

For a quick overview we summarized all functions for you to check for your requirements and wishes. Do you miss a special functionality or are you looking for more detail regarding single features? Contact us – we are happy to help you!

  • Permission concept
  • Safety concept
  • Mappability of complex corporate structure
  • Mobile optimized surface
  • Multilingual
  • Automatic update with new versions (every 2 weeks)
  • Data importation for applications / applicants
  • Single-Sign-On (SAML 2.0)
  • Applications
  • Dashboard
  • Tasks list
  • Application list
  • Application contains, details, attachments, history
  • PDF conversion and merging of attachments
  • Filter for application list and dashboard
  • Export of applications lists to Excel
  • Full text search in attachments with auto complete
  • ABC-Rating
  • Special Characters (Internal Applicant, Multiple Applicant, VIP, …)
  • Tags per applicant
  • Workflow
  • Reminders
  • Change job opening
  • Integration of departments
  • Differentiated permissions in applications, e.g. for works council
  • Delete application
  • E-mail correspondence incl. attachments
  • Written correspondences (letters in PDF-format from Word formatted templates)
  • Delayed correspondence
  • Mass processing incl. Drag & Drop
  • Arrange appointments for individual interviews and events with multiple applicants
  • Appointment overview for participants
  • Invitations to appointments with iCal calendar entry
  • Send info
  • Deposit of automatic deletion periods (in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act)
  • Add attachments to application via e-mail
  • Appointment invitation using iCal calender entry
  • Unsolicited applications
  • Double application recognition and conflict resolution
  • Automatic acknowledgment of receipt
  • Application recommendation with feedback
  • Short self-introductory video in the application form (through partner Cammio)
  • Cohesive overview for multiple applicants
  • Overview and management of open job openings
  • Filtration job openings
  • Create multiple applications forms and select per job opening
  • Create initiative job openings
  • Individual planning of job publication time frame
  • Selectable pictures for job advertisement
  • Selectable screening questions
  • Copy job opening
  • Job opening history
  • Automatic application matching through text comparison in job opening
  • Logging access permissions
  • HTML-Editor for job opening texts
  • Connection of 40 external job boards with booking via d.vinci Applicant Tracking
  • Search eingine optimizing for job advertisements
  • Interface for creating and administrating job openings in upstream systems (REST-API)
  • Interface for external links in job publication channels (REST-API)
  • Safe keeping of external links with Jason Web Token authentication
  • Portal designer
  • Texts, Pictures, Designs
  • Vacancies
  • Intranet access control
  • Multiple portals with differing layouts and contents
  • Application forms
  • Candidate Experience: Apply via XING/LinkedIn, CV-Parsing incl. Parsing with CV fromDropbox
  • Integration in the homepage
  • Automatic tagging with special characters
  • Interface for creating applications
  • Tracking tools support (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Organizational structure
  • Automated status changes
  • Application forms (display and remove fields)
  • E-mail sender for correspondences
  • Job publication channels
  • Own customer SMTP server
  • Languages
  • IP–access restrictions
  • View license properties
  • Daily e-mail notifications for new applications and tasks
  • User, user groups
  • Correspondence templates (e-mails and letters)
  • Letter templates (2 different layouts for any number of templates)
  • E-mail templates with layout and footer
  • Master data
  • Media files
  • Screening questions and answers
  • Locolasitaions for various countries
  • Languages: German, English, others upon request
  • time zones
  • international addresses
  • Charts with parameters
  • Processing times
  • Sources and rejection reasons
  • Export to Excel (raw data)
  • Certificate ISO 27001
  • Server location: Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Firewall
  • access security
  • data encoding
  • Backup
  • Regular Updates
  • Service-Center: Customer Area with Information
  • User guides
  • Interface documentations
  • Release Notes
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Roadmap

All current features as a PDF download here.

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