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Conceptual thought-through, with well-informed contents, target group oriented and optically appealing – this is what your career center should look like to be successful as the center of your recruiting activities. It is crucial that you are found as an employer, all relevant information is fast and easily available and the application process is designed as simple as possible. With a clearly-structured site that fits your company and a structured application process you also present yourself to applicants as a modern employer.

We support you in the conception and execution of a responsive career center in your Corporate Design – either integrated in your existing homepage or as a single stand-alone site. We take care of imagery and contents that speak for you for an ideal, target group oriented appearance on the internet so you can transform prospective employees into real employees in the future.

If you wish we also take care of the seamless integration of your ATS (for example d.vinci) into your career center and create the best possible application experience for your candidates.

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